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Personal Electronics

Personal electronics include mp3 players, cameras, USB drives and many other types of electronic devices that we carry on our persons and use throughout the day. These types of electronics need to be recycled because of the plastic and metal found in these devices as well as the Lithium-Ion battery that powers each device.


Laptop and desktop computers should never be thrown in the trash. Laptop and desktop computers contain many types of metals including precious metals and plastic that should always be recycled. Just like personal electronics, all laptops also contain a powerful Lithium-Ion battery that is harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

CRT Monitors

C.R.T (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors is an older technology where mercury was used making these types of monitors especially harmful to the environment when not disposed of properly. Due to the mercury found in CRT monitors, it is against the law to throw these monitors in the trash.

Audio/Video Equipment

Audio/Video equipment include old VCRs, DVD players, CD players, boom boxes and old radio equipment. Just like personal electronics these devices should always be recycled and kept out of the trash

Mouse/Keyboard etc.

Mice, Keyboards, and other types of accessories normally found working with a computer should be disposed of properly. These components just like other types of E-Waste mentioned above contain various types of metals and plastic that need to be recycled.

Scanners/Copiers/Fax Machines

Scanners/Copiers/Fax Machines should always be recycled and kept out of the trash due to the metals and plastics found inside of these machines. It is extremely wasteful as well as harmful to the environment to throw these types of electronics in the trash.

Cellphones/Smart Phones

Everyone has a cellphone/smart phone these days regardless if it’s an Android, Windows or IOS phone. These devices are mini computers and contain the same parts as computers as well as powerful Lithium Ion batteries. Even if your cellphone doesn’t work anymore or is broken, take care to keep it out of the trash and make sure to recycle it properly.


Televisions of today are much different than the CRT tube televisions or projection TV’s of yesterday. They are thinner and much lighter but still need to be treated with the same amount of caution when looking to dispose of them. Always make sure to trade in or recycle these TV sets. At no time should they ever be thrown in the trash.

Keep your E-Waste out of the trash